About Us

Aipim is a family-run, independent business - we handle everything from the menu to social media, customer service and (most importantly) the cooking! We've been working towards opening Aipim since we moved to Manchester back in 2009; before that we lived in Sao Paulo, a huge and bustling city that isn't the official capital but is the metropolis of Brazil.

Our head chef Mirian has been cooking for as long as she can remember. In Brazil she ran a small cafe with her Mum and in Manchester she's been providing catering and cakes to the Brazilian community since 2009. If you know a Brazilian in Manchester, they probably known Mirian! She's worked as a chef at big UK chains, small independent cafes, the Manchester United football grounds and even been a personal chef to a couple of Premier League football players.

Food is big in Brazil, whether it is quick and tasty street food or your family's traditional recipes. Our streets are full of fresh food markets in the mornings (fish, vegetables, meats and fruits) and vendors selling all kinds of snacks and sweets throughout the day. We have cafes along our most famous beaches, and locals will come round with walking BBQs, fresh fruits and cocktails! You'll have seen a Rodizio before, an all you can eat meat buffet with table service, they are our sunday lunches. Basically, food is ingrained in our culture, and that's what we want to share with you. We hope that Aipim is something you want to eat with your family or friends, something to bring people together.