The Goal

Our goal is to make the people of Manchester love the flavours and comfort of traditional Brazilian cuisine.

If you think that Brazil is all about meat, you'd be right - in our menu you will find all the classic dishes. But there are a few vegetarians in our family so we've had plently of time to experiment and test veggie alternatives to find the best recreations!


In 2009, our family made the life-changing decision on immigrating to Manchester, UK. Since then, we've worked hard to establish our new lives in the UK and popularise our culture and food to friends.

Our headchef (and also Mum) Mirian has been providing catering services to the Brazilian community in Manchester since we moved here.


At Aipim, you will find all the best ingredients from Brazilian cuisine.

Our food is always made with the freshest ingredients, with your wellbeing and satisfaction in mind. The products we source are as authentic as we are: hearts of palm, catupiry and guarana are some of the Brazilian delicacies you will find with us!